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Buy lasix online of literature, and dirty limericks. I watch young girls with eye lids painted blue, and think to myself, "I really hope I die before I get that old." The consistent chaos I feed into has been taking a back seat to the head-over-heels quality of my discreet, vicarious beauty. I figure when I'm done reading Watership Down, I'll start up Lolita. Do you think Smith College will take a girl this weird?

Stop pushing me, sweetheart, I'm well passed the edge. This is a mountain, not an envelope. You are not a stamp, nor a fine point pen; I am certainly no name worth sending letters to. I told you, babe, this sandy peek is too thin for me. The air is too much like my weight; my skin, holding me together, but letting you tear me apart. I'm a greeting card, but I don't really want to fall (because falling would be validation of the ennui you put me through.) Shh, look out the window. There's those girls again; the one with the pretty eyes looks through my window, but only on Tuesday (when I look for her.) They look like the magazine covers at a bookstore, waiting to be picked up. Saturday I think I'll lower myself to their level, just to see if you notice. Lord knows on Sunday I'll be too exhausted, and proud to fucking care about you.

I'm buy lasix online of you.

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You held me so close, so protectively, in your arms. You murmured those words of love, of possession, and all I saw was you. But no longer.
I can see the edge. The murmurs have stopped, I'm looking away, your arms are holding me too tight. Independence? You're with me, but I am not here. I'm not drowning in you any longer. The edge is near, a new feeling, wild, crazy, me.
I can't not jump when I'm at the edge.

Buy online lasix of a whole new dream, the past behind but desperately clung onto. I can see the promise on the horizon, but the ground beneath my feet is loose and eager to make me slip, trip and tumble; to dash my hopes on the rocks below. I'm seeing your face in that horizon, I'm dreaming up scenarios in my head, the backlight of the sunrise lighting them up. If I reach far enough, will I fly? Furosemide online?

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this may sound silly to most of you, but what happened to flower?
i havent been able to watch since before she was gone and i
got the feeling she died but how?
i didnt have the need to watch it after i seen she was gone.

Take it as a grain of salt but I came across this on the AP message board

Just found something else. Didn't want to spam the community so I'll post it here and put the older post under a cut.


This comes from the official Meerkat Manor fan website

They will not make a decision on Season 5 until Season 4 airs in Europe. That doesnt begin until February 2009. So we are looking at May or June 2009 to even find out if there will be a Season 5.

Keep writing AP!!!!

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Is this schedule right and why are they doing it that way if it is true?

So we have 4 more episodes for this season, right? The Birds airs on the 15th and the last 3 episodes all air on the 22nd? Are they canceling the show and they want to burn off the episodes as quickly as possible? Check out the schedule if ya want to see for yourself:
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I have a coupon for saving $5.00 US When you buy Meerkat Manor Seasons one OR two. It has a barcode so you have to buy a seasons to redeem the coupon. If anyone wants it, please comment here with your email address and I will email you for your home address. First come first served. I only have one (sorry).